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Pop up art shop.
Youth made and up for trade.
Something for nothing. Nothing for something.
Your soul for a button.

Oakville Galleries’ Youth Council started up in late February and we’ve been meeting weekly in the Gairloch Gardens studios ever since. We meet to talk about art, make things and, well, eat pizza. The Youth Council has been collaborating on a series of artworks culminating in a final project called Current¢y, to be presented this weekend at the Oakville Farmers’ Market. Not so much a traditional exhibition, Current¢y takes the form of a pop-up art shop that offers items made by the Youth Council that will be available for trade. This collaborative project evolved out of conversations about money, exchange and value. We have been talking about what it means to sell work, how we value art and how objects come to be priced.

We have been busy making things—tote bags, buttons, prints. We started to talk about what we would ask people for in exchange for the things we have made and what we could ask for other than money. We jokingly started with “first born” or “lock of hair,” but pursued this idea further and developed a whole system for exchange, our own form of currency. These objects and works of art will be available at the market, but we are not asking you for cash: we are asking you for your time, your fears, your ideas, and possibly your soul.


There will be a menu of items we have made which are available to trade and a menu of the forms of currency or the actions you can do to get these items. We may ask you to share with us your most awkward teen photo, write down your biggest fear, or draw a self-portrait from memory. As one of the members put it, we are “asking you for vulnerability”. Please come and trade with us. Talk to us about value, about exchange, and about art.

Find us this Saturday at the Oakville Farmers’ Market (on George Street between Lakeshore Road and Church Street) from 9:00 am–2:00 pm.

Oakville Galleries’ Youth Council is presented in partnership with ArtHouse.

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