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If you were to walk into one of our summer camps, the noise level might take you by surprise. While we often think of art as a quiet or introspective activity, our approach to artmaking with kids is anything but tranquil.Seenandheard

Pablo Helguera—a New York-based artist and the Director of Adult and Academic programs at MoMA—has said that education should be about emphasis on process, on dialogue and exchange, and on human relationships. While he probably didn’t have kids summer camps in mind when he said this(!), it’s an idea we take to heart.

In all of our education programs—summer camps included—our educators strive to encourage exchange between participants: about art, about their own creative ideas, and about the world as they see it. Our programs focus less on the outcome and more about the process along the way—building a chatty environment is a big part of that, not only to foster participants’ confidence in their creative thinking capacities, but because without this exchange, as Helguera reminds us, art simply can’t exist. As we like to remind parents, a little raucousness goes a long way!

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