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Button Bonanza

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IMG_4568eeOur Education team will be at the Oakville Children’s Festival this weekend with a button-making workshop for kids of all ages, walking participants through the steps of turning an art idea into something wearable.

Pin-back buttons have their origins dating back to the 18th century, when buttons with messages and images in support of social and political causes and campaigns started to be mass-produced. Buttons quickly became a way of demonstrating one’s political allegiances in everyday social situations. Today, buttons are as likely to be aesthetic pronouncements as they are political ones. We’re looking forward to pressing pins of all varieties with kids this weekend—whether they want to make their thoughts on the environment known or just rock a glittery unicorn on their backpack. Whatever statement they’d like to make, participants will be provided with all the supplies they need to translate their ideas into wearable form. No registration necessary—just drop by!

For more information on this year’s Children’s Festival, visit oakville.ca.

Creativity across communities

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These days, Oakville Galleries spends as much time delivering programs off-site as we do at our gallery spaces. While our bricks-and-mortar home will always be at the heart of our mandate, we’re also dedicated to ensuring that Oakville’s the kind of place where art gets to exist well beyond the museum walls.

Most of these programs are directly inspired by the incredible local organizations—from libraries and hospitals to seniors’ residences and community foundations—that we partner with in the shared goal of bringing art to all corners of our community. This spring, we’ll launch three new programs with ArtHouse, our longest-term offsite programming partner. Since 2009, this partnership has seen us deliver free art workshops to over 1,200 kids, largely in lower-income communities. Instead of offering the old standards of art education, these programs are designed around the needs and interests of the kids we serve. That means we’re often learning alongside our participants, reshaping our programs on the fly to ensure kids are given as much space as possible to discover, experiment and play. This spring marks nearly seventy-five programs with ArtHouse—amongst dozens of other community initiatives. We look forward to the next seventy-five!

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